Yes. Although in most cases a share transaction takes place, a mere sale of assets is also perfectly possible. The KBC Match'it team will gladly help you if you have any further questions about this topic.

This is certainly possible, registration at KBC Match'it is possible as a natural person or legal person. If you opt for registration as a legal entity, we will ensure that invoicing is forwarded to your company.

Access to the KBC Match'it platform is available to everyone, you do not have to be a KBC client. Are you already a KBC client and interested in KBC Match'it? Please contact your KBC contact person.

Only vendors for whom you have requested a detailed file will have access to your biography. It is therefore very important to provide some context (in which industry are you active, what are you looking for, etc.). From experience, we notice that sellers will provide faster access to a detailed file when the biography has been filled in satisfactorily.

KBC Match'it does not provide guidance, but through the platform you can gain access as a buyer / seller to a network of partners who can guide you throughout the process. An overview of our partners can be found here.

Access to the KBC Match'it platform can be obtained via two possible subscription formulas: Premium and Premium Plus. Payments can be made with VISA or MasterCard. For more information about the various subscription formulas, we kindly refer to our website (

Companies that are registered at KBC Match'it are active in various sectors and regions in Belgium. They have a takeover value between 1 and 10 million euro.

We use a very advantageous subscription formula where you temporarily pay only 1 euro for the period until 30/06/2019. So do not hesitate and subscribe now! For more information about the various subscription formulas, please refer to our website (

KBC Match'it is automatically informed of the fact that you, as a potential buyer, have made a non-binding offer. KBC Match'it will contact you and ensure that your offer is given the necessary context. Afterwards, the seller is informed. Based on this, initial exploratory talks can be organized between buyer and seller.

The non-binding offer acts as a first letter of intent to set up exploratory conversations with the Seller. KBC Match'it uses a fixed template for this. This template includes a number of conditions that guarantee the non-binding character.

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