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Since the launch of KBC Match'it at the end of 2016, we can look back on a number of successfully concluded deals. We also built a solid base of almost 700 candidate buyers. As of April 2019 we go one step further, literally: KBC Match'it crosses national borders. First, 4 other KBC Group core markets will onboard, starting with Slovakia. The platform will be launched as a satellite with local branding, operating under the name "CSOB Match'it". At a later stage, the platform will also be available in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Hungary.

A smooth, international exchange of supply and demand via an overarching platform increases the chances of a good match between seller and buyer. This way, we also meet the demand of Belgian entrepreneurs for foreign investment opportunities.

What is changing for our Belgian users?

Every investor automatically gets access to both Belgian and foreign deals. The subscription fee remains the same. In the profile settings, an investor can indicate whether he is interested in only Belgian deals, only foreign deals or both. This way, more targeted communication is possible. If one is interested in a foreign deal, the contacts with the seller will be made via the KBC Match'it team active in that country. 

The selling party also has the option at all times of making his file available to foreign investors.

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